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Panoramic Marquee Roof & Windows

Posted 07/11/17

We’re constantly looking for the latest trends and innovating our marquees, but one trend that’s been popular since 2015 and continues to be requested is the panoramic elements in our marquees. We provide panoramic roofs and windows in all of our Clear Span style marquees, so how much light do you want to let into your marquee?

While we absolutely love the panoramic effect in a marquee we’ve also had plenty of experience which we’d like to share with you. Often we’ll speak to a bride and groom about their marquee plans and they may want a marquee which is 100% panoramic. It’s certainly an interesting and popular idea which will give your marquee natural light and a welcoming environment. You could also be thinking that the stars at night shining into your marquee while your band or entertainment plays would look beautiful – and it would – but there is a practicality that shouldn’t be overlooked. Your beautiful marquee, with the sun shining in and no filter could overheat and make your wedding uncomfortable for your guests. Instead, we recommend restricting the panoramic elements of your marquee to the entrance or perhaps the dance floor.

Open Marquee Panoramic


Full Panoramic Marquee

We, like many people, love the idea of a full panoramic marquee and it’s certainly something we can provide, however, from experience it does come with a warning.  We recently worked with a happy couple looking to hire a fully panoramic marquee for their log cabin and private beach based wedding in East Lothian. The couple hired our clear span marquee for their wedding ceremony and evening reception along with portable toilets and other necessities to ensure the day was a success.

After speaking to the groom and understanding what he and his bride required we felt it was important to explain that the guests may melt if it’s a warm sunny day. So, we decided to make a contingency plan; we would wait until the week before the big day before deciding on whether to go with the full panoramic marquee or if half of the marquee should be lined so the heat would not be too intense. It’s rare to hope for an overcast day, but that’s exactly what everyone had their fingers crossed for. In Scotland, you wouldn’t expect the sun and heat to be an issue, but in a full panoramic marquee it can easily turn into a greenhouse when there’s no cloud cover.

The week before the wedding the weather was forecast to be overcast and the couple decided to proceed with their original plan of a panoramic roof and only one wall out of four lined.

We were delighted for the couple that their day went as planned and it shows that if you have an idea and plan for your wedding then always focus on that and we’ll do our very best to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

Marquee Roof Panoramic

2 responses to “Panoramic Marquee Roof & Windows

  1. Hello,

    Could you please give me a quotation for a marquee at Duns or Winton Castle on 31.12.18?

    We would like a clear wall and clear roof structure for 80-100 guests to sit at long tables, with a small bar and dance floor.

    Best wishes,


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