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Marquee Equipment


Yes, we do marquees, and yes we know all there is to know about marquees, but we do stock other equipment too. I know, we are a very diverse bunch! Not only can we provide all your marquee ancillary items such as; roof and wall linings (or drapes as they are also known), window walls, glass doors, flooring, carpeting and big strong boys for putting up and taking down your marquee. These are the main foundations for your marquee, but we can do so much more, to make your marquee unique and special to you.

We are not only a marquee hire company, we hire all kinds of other items for your big day or for your event or corporate marquee function. We are always updating our stock to be ahead of our competitors and to ensure we have the best products available for you to hire.

Clear Span

Clear span marquees are an aluminum framed structure with our white PVC walls and roofs (these can both be swapped out for panoramic windows for both the walls, gables and roofs.) Clear span marquees have no internal or external obstructions, and therefore a completely blank canvas for you to design your marquee space exactly how you want.

We can install our clear span marquees almost anywhere on any ground, they can be staked into grass or ballasted on hard standing sites with either our concrete or water ballasts. All our clear span marquees are in 3m bays, so as long as you know your three times table you can have whatever marquee configuration you wish.


Traditional marquees have guy ropes that come out of each wooden side pole to secure them to the ground, which means they can only go onto grass.The traditional marquee, like the name suggests, these were the pioneering marquees for weddings and parties until clear span or aluminum frame marquees took over.

The traditional marquee creates a completely different atmosphere and look to that of clear span marquees, and they look brilliantly countryfied when hung with bunting, festoon lighting or fairy lights.

Bar and Fridge Hire

We here a Central HQ – love a good drink!! So we have taken it upon ourselves to create and build two custom bar units – one slate effect and the other wood, made in our very own warehouse, by our very own joiner, Don.

Our custom bars can be split into different configurations – dependent on how big you wish your bar, or how many thirsty guests you have. To top it all off, we can also provide glass fronted fridges, to sit behind your bar unit – thus, giving you the full bar effect, who need’s Ashton Lane huh? Our fridges have interchangeable shelves, meaning if you want to keep chilled that big magnum bottle you can, or you can stock it full with delicious beer or wine.


Chairs serve a practical purpose; somewhere to seat your guests for your wedding breakfast, somewhere to rest your wary feet after dancing and somewhere to sit back and reflect on your wedding with your new partner. But is that all chairs are at your wedding? Bearing in mind if there is 100 guests for your wedding then that is 100 of something that is going to be in almost every wedding picture that you will be looking back on. So why not make it that something a bit more special? That is where Limewash Chiavari Chairs come in (like a super hero, but easier to get a hold of.)

How to describe Limewash Chiavari Chairs – white washed wooden chairs, with wooden spindles and lots of lovely different coloured seat pads.


I get asked all the time by our clients; ‘what should I have for my event round tables or trestle tables?’ and to be honest there is no right answer.

Round Tables:

PROS: classic table layout, timeless, can maintain elaborate big centre pieces, cross-table chats are accommodated for whilst you can sit couples apart from each other but still at the same table, round table cloths come in many sizes, easier for waiting staff to serve your guests.

CONS: some people do not want the traditional feel, they take up more room in your marquee as they will not fit well into the corners of the marquee to allow more room.

REMEMBER: if you are having a three course meal – this will include crockery, cutlery and glassware for three meals and red and white wine…and water. Will you have wine at your table? Will it be in a ice cooler? Will you have centre pieces? Napkins? Favours? Cameras? all these items will take away from the space on your table…

Trestle tables:
PROS: guests find it easy to talk to everyone at their table, take up much less room, you can join tables together to maximise room, tables can be joined to make different shapes (square, buffet, criss-cross, regal banquet) lots of small centre pieces look different and lovely.

CONS: big centre pieces look a bit awkward and clutter the table (lots of smaller centre pieces needed), the guests in the middle of the banqueting style tables may feel cramped for room, not much space on the table itself if you sit guests on either side compared to round tables.

A bit of a difference:
– all guests including top table seated at round tables
– different sizes of round tables (mixture) so you do not have to have strict table numbers of 10 guests
– a square formed with trestle tables with a round table in the middle for your top table
– table roulette guests pick their own table out of a hat when they enter the marquee…bye bye painstaking table plan.

PS: remember to check if your other suppliers (catering, DJ, bar) need tables too…

Dance Floors

Once you have organised the necessities for your wedding day like your; venue, caterers, wedding dress, speeches and so forth, it is time to organise the dance floor for your wedding reception.

Varnished Wood Dance Floor – We can offer a gorgeous wooden parquet dance floor for your marquee event, wedding or party. This varnished wood effect can provide a great stomping ground for your guests and for your first dance too.

LED Dance floors are the latest wedding trend that are here to stay. We have seen a real boom in LED Dance floors. We offer LED Dance floors in many sizes, so we will be sure to fit your marquee layout or even function room at your hotel or venue. LED Dance floors are the perfect addition to any wedding, party, room or marquee.

LED Dance floors make a beautiful background to take photographs for your wedding album, providing the perfect setting for your first dance.


Lighting can be the easiest add on to your marquee to create the perfect ambiance and mood. We offer lots of different options for your lighting requirements which makes sure that we encapsulate your theme and it can also be used to highlight other specific aspects or items within your marquee.

We have the following lighting available:

  • Chandeliers (Gold, Brass, Glass)
  • Fairy lights
  • Festoon lights
  • Uplighters (different colour film available)
  • DJ Lights
  • LED strip lights

Luxury Toilets

Central Events are thrilled to announce the new arrival of our very own VIP luxury toilets for hire. This unit is a 3+1, which comprises of three cubicles in the ladies bathroom and three urinals with one cubicle in the gent’s bathroom. Both bathrooms come equipped with luxury hand soap, paper towels, vanity mirrors and hand basins; all cubicles are separate and lockable. Our luxury toilets come with running hot water, which is automatically activated when the hot tap is turned on.

We provide toilet hire across Scotland and pride ourselves on having the highest standard of unit, with an incredibly modern and high-end finish. When the toilets arrive, we’ll connect the unit to the electricity supply, ensure it’s in working order and place the steps so your guests can have easy access to the toilets. When you’re event is finished, we’ll come and collect your unit so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Love Letters

What better way to say you are surrounded by the big L than with light up LOVE letters? This is the modern twist on writing a poem or sending an anonymous valentine’s day card. Nowadays, we need to pronounce our LOVE with gigantic 5ft L-O-V-E Letters at £100.00 + vat per hire…the bulbs can even change colour too!

Oh you old romantic, you.

Interior Design

We love that we get to offer our customers a blank canvas to create an event that is tailored to their needs and wants. Even better, we want to help you in every way that we can to provide you with the full package. Based on your event requirements we can supply you with lining and carpet. Our lining walls, lining roofs and swags help to transform your ‘tent’ into a marquee venue. Our carpet also provides a finishing touch, allowing you to select the colour best suited to your colour scheme. Our carpet is placed on top of our Dark Plywood Flooring, which can also be used on its own offering a more rustic appearance. New in 2017, we have Varnished Birchwood Flooring which again provides a complete clean finish within our marquees.

Rustic Furniture

New to Central Events this year, we have added a selection of Rustic Furniture to adhere to the ever growing popularity of this wedding theme. Why not create a bar chill out area within your marquee? Equipped with our 3-Seater and 2-Seater Chesterfield Sofas, and our New Foundry Coffee Table. Or, grab a seat on our New Foundry Stools seated at our Wooden Bar Unit. Our Whisky Barrels can help you with many thing; maybe a Poseur Tables to pop your drink on, your cake table, or even use two and create a bar unit. Lastly, our Hampstead Chandeliers, Raw Iron Candelabras and Antler Centre Pieces are the finishing touch to this rustic themed marquee.

Electrical Equipment

I’m sure you’ve wondered how you’ll keep warm in your marquee in the middle of December? Or, how you’ll supply power to multiple marquees in the middle of nowhere? Or maybe you wish you just had one supplier to deal with all of the ‘nitty-gritty’ aspects of your event like heating, power, lighting, sound and staging? I’d hate to burst our own bubble but…why don’t you just take a wee look…

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