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What is a Clear Span Marquee?

They are the most widely used marquee structures for one reason alone – they’re without any internal or external obstructions and due to that you may create virtually any rectangular or square design from a blank canvas.

A clear span marquee consists of an aluminium frame, with white PVC walls and roofs. All of our marquees are measured in 3 metre bays. We also offer panoramic window walls, panoramic roofs and panoramic gable ends if you wish to admire the view from your marquee.

They have no internal poles or external guy ropes so when fully dressed no section of the frame can be viewed. Also, it is especially simple to add more details on the main marquee like a porch, a catering marquee, and covered toilets. The popular white clear span frame marquee has no guy ropes or centre poles and offer greater flexibility for hard standing sites such as car parks or tennis courts

What is a Traditional Canvas Pole Marquee?

Similar to circus marquees, traditional canvass pole marquees are constructed in the same way with wooden central and side supporting poles and external guy ropes.

Before clear span marquees became popular this is actually the style of marquee which had been used universally. They make a very upmarket and stylish alternative to the clear span marquee when adorned with bunting, fairy lights or roof drapes.

Perfect for the big occasion & manufactured to the highest standards our traditional marquees are the ideal setting for wedding celebrations, large parties, anniversaries etc. Reaching a height of 18? in the centre, traditional marquees create a lasting impression and a stunning spacious environment.

  • We can tailor both types of marquees completely to your taste with a huge range of accessories. You can have anything from a bare shell and hay bales for seating up to a professionally themed, fully lined marquee with luxurious lighting, solid, levelled flooring and a carpet colour of your choice.

How long does it take to put up your marquee?

This is dependent on the size and style you go for and what you wish inside of the marquee. Needless to say the full works: flooring, carpet, lining, lighting, tables, chairs etc. will take longer to set up than a 6m x 6m basic marquee structure. We aim to be on site two days before your event between 8-9am, traffic dependent, unless otherwise specified, and dismantle at least one day after. We will require one full day to install your marquee, therefore you can gain access the following day for decoration and additional set ups. We do not leave until your marquee is up to our high standards, and we do a walk round with yourself after installation to make sure you are happy.

Can the sides of your marquees be opened during warm weather?

Absolutely, the walls of our Clear Span marquees work in a similar way to your curtains at home and are very easy to open and close. Our Traditional style marquees are hooked on and off and are very simple. We can demonstrate this on the day of erection.

Do I need to be there?

Unless we have worked at the venue previously you will need to be there first and last thing to confirm all details before we begin, and for us to ensure you are happy with everything. After we have installed your marquee and all amenities, we will walk round the marquee showing you how to work the electrics and heater, and also answer any last questions you may have.

What size of marquee is best suited to your event?

This is very important. Many people want to cram as many of their guests into as little space as possible however, this does not provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for any party or wedding. On the other hand, too big a space can make your event seem isolated and empty. Please see our size guide for more details. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise. Everything is tailored to your needs, it is not one size fits all.

How long is the marquee hire period?

The hire period is by arrangement and can be suited to your needs from long term lease for 5 months to 2 weeks for a corporate event to one day for a small party, however most bookings are based on a weekend or one-two day hire.

What are Central-Events Terms and Conditions?

Please see our terms and conditions which was sent with your first quote, or we can send you a copy again. All our terms and conditions are attached to our quotations so we keep you firmly in the light at all times, with no nasty surprises.

Can the sides of your marquees be opened during warm weather?

Absolutely, the walls of our Clear Span marquees work in a similar way to your curtains at home and are very easy to open and close. Our Traditional style marquees are hooked on and off and are very simple. We can demonstrate this on the day of erection.

Do you need heaters or are the marquees warm enough?

Even in the height of summer evenings can be a little chilly, especially in Scotland so it is a good idea to budget for one, we supply ducted marquee heaters which are thermostatically controlled. On the other hand, the more bodies up and dancing fairly warms up the marquee quickly. Our heaters run on red diesel, and we supply one full tank. We only require a socket for the fan. On average, one full tank of fuel is one day’s use. If you require additional fuel, we can supply this or you can source it yourself.

Are the marquees suitable for winter events?

Absolutely!! Marquees are suitable throughout the year, and a ducted heater works a treat. You will no doubt need more than one heater in our Scottish winter months.

Will the marquees damage the grass?

There will be no permanent damage. The grass that is covered may fade in colour – if left up for a great deal of time, but should quickly recover. The stakes used are 1ft long and a few inches in circumference, which go vertically into the ground every 3 metres around the perimeter of the marquee. If you wish not to use stakes we supply water and concrete ballasts which means the grass will endure no damage what so ever.

Why would I need ballasts?

Concrete or water ballasts are required when we cannot stake into grass or gravel. These ensure the security of your marquee, should it be situated on ground that is hard standing.

What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?

Lined marquees are suited to most events and where an aesthetic finish is required – our ivory and white linings transform any marquee. We also supply swags around the eaves of the marquee for those that require lining. With an unlined marquee, the framework is visible from the inside. It is down to preference. You can find previous examples within our brochure.

I’m on a budget, is a marquee wedding still feasible?

Of course! As all of our marquees are tailored individually to each customer we can add and remove items as appropriate – it does not need to be conventional. We can remove the lining and opt for trestle tables rather than round tables within your marquee, which not only reduces costs but gives a more rustic feel to the marquee

Do I need carpet in my marquee?

Again, this is down to preference. Carpet gives a better finish and turns it from a ‘tent’ to a ‘marquee venue’. If you have level ground, we can use our varnished birch wooden interlocking floor. If not level, then you must use our anti-slip plywood flooring which can become chipped when transported across the country to multiple events throughout the year. To ensure a quality finish, it is best to carpet your marquee.

Do I need a generator in my marquee?

If you can provide electricity safely from your venue/house, then no you do not require a generator. All of our electrical equipment is on standard 13amp supply (normal household sockets), which we will put on extension cables and either yourselves or your venue will need to plug it into an electrical board in the venue/house, as we are not supplying generators. Our insurance insists on this. If several extension cables are needed, these need to run off of different circuit boards of the venue/house to stop them from tripping. If you have any additional services such as a band/DJ, then they must supply their own extension cables.

If you cannot safely supply electricity to the marquee, then you will need a generator for your: lights, heater, loos, band, bar, caterer etc.

What size of generator do I need?

The size of generator you require depends on your electric output demand and how much electric draw each appliance uses. This is worked out in KVA. For example, our products do not draw a lot of power as items such as our lights are LED, and our heater runs off of diesel and only requires electricity for the fan and initial start-up. This means you could get away with a smaller generator such as a 5KVA or 12KVA. However, if you require catering or a band within your marquee then this has a large draw on electricity, therefore we recommend a 30KVA generator. We also offer a wedding generator package (x2 30KVA generators) which acts as a safety net in case one generator was to trip then the other would catch it. We have not had a problem like this to date, but we feel it is better to be safe than sorry. We supply our generators full and bill following the event dependent on the level of use.

Do I need insurance for my marquee?

Yes. We have full employee liability and public liability, but we are only ensured when we are on site. When we leave the site, you are responsible for insurance. You can get insurance from many sources:

  • Your own household insurance – add on a premium
  • John Lewis event/wedding insurance online
  • Cover Marquee Insurance
  • Our insurance brokers: Hart Insurance

Are we allowed candles in the marquee?

For insurance purposes we would not recommend having candles within your marquee. However, you can if you wish, but we do strongly recommend getting marquee insurance if this is the case. If you are to have them in your marquee, you must ensure they are supervised at all times when lit and that they are well clear of all wall linings, or any other flammable objects.

Will you come and look at the site for the marquee?

Of course, and we encourage it! Prior to erection the site will be surveyed to ensure that all the unique site requirements and constraints have been identified – and most importantly so we can sit down and have a chat with you to see what YOUR wants and needs are.

Can I change aspects of my booking after paying a deposit?

Yes, you have the option to alter your booking (dependent on stock availability) up to 14 days before your installation date.

Do you set up my furniture?

No, however if this is necessary a £2.00 per guest extra cost applies. Central-Events will place tables, chairs and table cloths around the marquee as directed either by the client or in the best possible plan as thought by Central-Events. Further, Central-Events will enable a marquee-wedding planner of Central-Events to decorate the marquee to the compliance of the client. This will include; cutlery, crockery and glassware lay out, napkins, centre pieces, name cards and wedding favours on each place setting and other necessities required for the decoration of tables for wedding or event.

What is included in the VIP Loo Hire?

We have recently bought in a few brand new VIP luxury loo units – our loo units comprise of 3 ladies’ cubicles, 3 gents’ urinals and 1 gents’ cubicle. Our VIP loo comes equipped with; hand wash, hand towels, loo roll, vanity mirrors and we fully install it and collect it to your specified dates. Our quotation includes; delivery, installation and collection – all we require is a socket to plug it in, it is fully self-contained.

How far in advance should I book my marquee?

If you are concerned about availability please give our office a call or an email as soon as you can. Please note marquees tend to be reserved early for the peak Summer period. It is not unusual for people to book a marquee two years in advance.

What else can Central-Events do for my event?

Marquee hire both Traditional Style and Clear Span Marquees – draped lining, flooring, carpeting, different lighting, dance floor, veranda style doors, walkways, red carpet walkways, outside lighting, reception tents and catering tents, heating, fully equipped bar hire, staff hire, catering for BBQ’s, hog roasts, canapés and finger buffets, tables, chairs, heating, generators and power supply, VIP Loo’s, LOVE letters, stage, LED dancefloor, ballasts, PA system with microphones, speakers, DJ and mixing decks, patio heaters, event management and much, much more…we want to be a ‘one stop shop’ to make your event planning less stressful.

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