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Marquee Decorations on a Budget

Posted 06/11/17

Weddings are renowned for being an expensive time for a happy couple; the dress, catering and entertainment can take a bite out of your budget, but there are ways to save money while also having the wedding day of your dreams.

It’s not uncommon to procrastinate over your wedding, especially when you think about the planning and journey ahead to get the big day organised. But, we’re here to help with your marquee needs.

You may still have to organise the band, decide which favours you’re going to present to your family and friends or organise the flowers, but it’s never too early to think about your wedding marquee decorations.

Marquee Decorations

Unlike many other aspects of a wedding, your decorations in your marquee don’t have to cost an arm or a leg. Being honest, from our experience the decorations end up going in a box at the end of the next day and hidden away with a promise to throw them out in the future. So, there is no reason to spend £300 on customised candelabras when you can get perfectly good alternatives for far less in shops such as Ikea, Argos & Ebay

One of our favourite ideas is to seek out the best discounts while maintaining your wedding theme. For example, vintage frames which can often cost a fortune, can be found in Poundland and B&M at a fraction of the typical cost. You can purchase a background designed paper for your table plan at an affordable price from Paperchase and other decorations can be purchased without breaking the bank from Ebay, Primark and Amazon.

Your enthusiasm and effort will not only help you save money on your wedding but also get you excited about the big day ahead. You don’t have to be the most creative person, but with a wedding concept and a savvy mind you could save hundreds of pounds on your wedding decorations for your marquee.

Marquee Decorations

Centrepieces & Table Decoration

There are plenty of stunning wedding centrepieces available but some can set you back a pretty penny. We found some lovely ideas on Ebay and Amazon, such as stylish Candelabras.  You can also pick up some real bargains on Etsy, such as paper flowers which can be scattered across your tables to add colour and vibrancy.

Table Plan

Your table plan is effectively a guide to help your guests to the correct table during the wedding breakfast, so why does it often cost a fortune?

There are some creative options which also save money! For example, you can buy a large frame for a few pounds from B&M, background wallpaper from Paperchase and card to create your tables from Ebay. You get to completely customise your wedding table plan and maintain the colour and style without spending too much money.


The options for lighting in your marquee are endless. We have some beautiful options where fairy lights are integrated into the fabric of the marquee roof, but you may want to also consider some other options too. For instance, you can buy affordable lanterns for your marquee from high street shops or even paper lanterns.


You can customise your wedding while maintaining a fair and reasonable budget. If you’re searching for ideas then pick up the phone – we love to help plan marquee weddings and we could give you some inspiration and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Wedding Marquee Table Decorations

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  1. I may still have to book caterers, firm up the band, find a dress and confirm our wedding ceremony venue but already my mind has jumped ahead to that all-crucial topic of marquee decorations.

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