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Express Yourself With Your Marquee Wedding

Posted 02/11/17

Your wedding is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your flair and creativity; it’s one of a select few times you will have the opportunity to customise and design a moment in your life. It’s a personal time of your life – one you will remember forever – and with a marquee wedding you can make the wedding exactly what you want.

A marquee wedding with Central Events allows your friends, family and other guests to immerse themselves in your special day and celebrate alongside you and your partner. It’s a time to reflect your individual style and immerse your wedding guests in your vision for your perfect day.

Within your marquee, you’re free to get as creative as you wish or if you’re struggling for ideas our event planners can support you through the difficult decisions, whether it’s where the tables are situated to how the evening entertainment will setup. We’re here to help ensure your day is a success.

Large Wedding Marquee

You and your fiancé may wish to dress your marquee in a particular style to showcase your artistic vision. With a space as large as you require, you could do a number of inventive things, such as create separate areas for the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, create an area which includes photos of yourself and your partner and your journey to this point or give your guests a chance to boogie with the evening’s entertainment with an extra-large space for the dance floor, while ensuring there is enough seating for the rest of the guests. You may have a large band of 6 or more people, which other venues may not be able to accommodate, but with your marquee wedding you’re in charge and can design your event to your specifications.

Intimate & Romantic

Conversely, you may decide that you want a more personal wedding, which isn’t overwhelming in size, but offers a romantic and intimate setting. You can have your wedding marquee roof dressed with fairy lights which are integrated into the luxurious lining – completely undetectable during the day, but comes alive during the evening to create a truly spectacular atmosphere. We’ve draped ivy from our marquees in the past which ran to the floor and met the long red carpet for the bride and father of the bride. This helped to create an intimate setting and a very special moment for the happy couple.

Ideas for a distinctive marquee wedding are only as limited as your imagination and even then, that’s when we’re here to help with our extensive experience.

Big and Beautiful or Intimate Wedding?

The decision of whether you create a large, expansive wedding marquee which gives you more options with the space or a smaller, more intimate setting is entirely yours and it should be as individual as you and your partner.

Your marquee wedding should reflect your personalities and what you would like to achieve from your wedding day. If you’re unsure about the options or would like to talk to someone to help clarify any questions you have, then give our help team at Central Events a call.

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